Dark Paradise


glee 2.20 Prom Queen

Friday Friday gettin’ down on Friday ♪
Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend ♪
Partyin’ partyin’ ♪ Yeah ♪  Partyin’ partyin’ ♪ Yeah ♪
Fun fun fun fun lookin’ forward to the weekend ♪

I’ve always been a private person. I’m totally extroverted, but I’m selectively outgoing. Sometimes people think I don’t want to Tweet something because it’s an actor thing, or a Glee thing, but even if Twitter existed when I was in college, I never really liked codifying thoughts into the ether. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aquarian; I’m not into making these statements and announcements. x

Sam como nuevo líder, haciendo homenaje a Finn en los nacionales. He llorado. Tan emotivo…

Favourite s5 performances: 05x11: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

"What’s a show circle?"
“It’s a tradition before every competition”
“Something, Mr Schue made up.”

Ryan Murphy: “The ending of Glee is something I have never shared with anyone, but I always knew it. I’ve always relied on it as a source of comfort, a North Star. At the end of season 6, Lea [Michele]’s Rachel was going to have become a big Broadway star, the role she was born to play. Finn was going to have become a teacher, settled down happily in Ohio, at peace with his choice and no longer feeling like a Lima loser. The very last line of dialogue was to be this: Rachel comes back to Ohio, fulfilled and yet not, and walks into Finn’s glee club. “What are you doing here?” he would ask. “I’m home,” she would reply. Fade out. The end.”

almost Rachel.

Dios, ahora que Sam es el sustituto de ‘Finn’ como lider, fijo que también es el sustituto en el corashón de Rachel.

you can cry if you want, but it’s..